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Who we are

Delivering Asia Sourcing from supplier evaluation to logistics and inspections
Working in synergy with transparency.

BroadZhii are an independent sourcing organisation in Asia. We match our clients with suitable Asian suppliers for the procurement of new or existing products. Our clients are, typically located in Europe, Australia and North America and represent to us the opportunity for long-term mutually rewarding relationships.

Sourcing in Asia is safer and more effective with BroadZhii. Our local knowledge and expertise enable us to hold suppliers to agreed performance criteria and quality standards. Our international perspective means we understand your needs, concerns and objectives.

Operating as an extension of your procurement team, we can provide you all the expertise and value of an Asian office without the huge associated cost. We perform independent analysis of your outsourcing potential, conceptualize and realize your demand. We share with you our knowledge by utilizing our network and database of manufacturers and products. We strive to build up a relationship of complete trust with you together. We believe working in “1+1>2 synergy” with transparency – achieved by cooperation instead of your own or our own. We will propose you the optimal mix of suppliers for Asian sourcing. We will prove you with trust, synergies and profits, which guarantee no tricks, no betrayals and under-the-counter deals. What we received from our suppliers, you can access the same!.

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